Royal Petroleum markets and supplies bunker fuels to ships across all ports in the Island of Puerto Rico as well as neighboring islands through the use our fleet of tank trucks and pumps as wells as 6,000 gallon ISO tank containers specifically for export. In addition, we meet all requirements that allow us to provide diesel fuel for power generation units in Puerto Rico and Caribbean Islands.

The specific fuels we distribute are:

We have strategically partnered with USA traders supplying the highest quality fuels from top refineries across the world. For every cargo received we ensure the product specs meet and exceed the highest industry standards and we make sure to provide specs for our customers to ensure quality alignment across both parties.

In addition, through our parent company AMERICAN PETROLEUM CO INC. we are able to distribute marine and industrial lubricants across three industry wide known brands

It is our mission to ensure we continue to evaluate new partnerships with international brands that align with what our customers need and with continuous industry advancements.

If you are interested in obtaining more information regarding our products, make sure to reach out!

Frequently asked questions

Certificates of analysis are available at all times for all products upon request.
Gasoline 87, 91 and 93 octanes, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel NGO and Lubricants.
We can store for 90 days until the next barge arrives.