Royal Petroleum markets and supplies bunker fuels to ships across all ports in the Island of Puerto Rico as well as neighboring islands through the use our fleet of tank trucks and pumps as wells as 6,000 gallon ISO tank containers specifically for export. In addition, we meet all requirements that allow us to provide diesel fuel for power generation units in Puerto Rico and Caribbean Islands.

Frequently asked questions

If interested in opening an account with Royal Petroleum Corp. you will need to fill out the account application and a logistics capability document specifying the capacity you have to move the tanks from their arrival location to their destination.
We currently work with Nieves Maritime, Water Spirit Freight, Priority RORO, Norma H Freight among others. This information is shared with our clients at the time of booking.
At the moment we supply to the BVI, USVI, Dutch Virgin Islands and are open to continuing our expansion (if shipping carriers/island coverage allows). We also serve bunkering service across all the island of Puerto Rico. Where there’s a port and a vessel in Puerto Rico, you can find us!